Department of Arts

Today’s world is enveloped with scientific and technical research but it is said that no society is said to civilised without its moral and ethical values. These values are not the result of any scientific or technical result rather follows from the train of customs and tradition. Study of humanity and arts subject carries us from the ancient past to the passing present. It is said that the subject of History is like a tree, whose roots are in the past and branches swings in the future. Just like trees are inevitable for our survival in the same manner study of history inevitable for the survival our society.
It is said that “Good Practice Flows From Strong Theory”. At CWCE, subjects are not only taught in theory but students are exposed to various culture, places and historical places, with the help of excursion tour, both local and inter-state. The Department employs various techniques for effective education like case study, Group discussion, Seminars, etc, for the overall development of every student. This programme equips students the skill necessary to explore both academics and professional avenues. It provides an environment for student to enter the world of work with confidence.
Subject offered at CWCE:-

Political science

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