Department of Education

Education forms one the foundation pillar for the growth of the Nation. If the education policies are not in consonance with the need of the society, the entire education scenario will collapse. For this very purpose, CWCE offers professional B.Ed course to polish the teaching abilities of the teachers. By pursuing this course, a student is equipped with the resources that will make a teacher a perfect role model to the students. The course was introduced at CWCE to achieve the following objectives:-

To enable a teacher in the teaching the subject of specialization on the accepted Principles of learning and teaching.
To enhance a teacher in becoming more competent in understanding psychological principles of growth and development and individual differences of the students.
To inculcate the skills and widens the understanding of a teacher to impart Quality education to the Nation.

CWCE offers B.Ed course which is recognised by the NCTE and is an association college of University of Lucknow. It has an intake of 100 girls students out of which 50% seats are filled by admission through college entrance test.
Sooner the college is going to operate B.T.C course, subject to the approval of NCTE and State Government

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